Kadam Kadam Badhaeja

India is a nation with a population of over a 127 crore people. You might have heard about or even experienced the high level of competition in any employment sector and the fierce competition for each vacant job. However, there is one particular field which actually has a shortage of people and wants more and more people to apply for it. Horrifyingly, this field is the part of the Services known as the Indian Armed Forces.

The reason this fact should terrify you is because threats are advancing along with the world in terms of technologies and it is alarming that the number of people we have to defend our country is decreasing. According to a document released by the Press Information Bureau of the Government of India on the 31st of March, 2017, the Indian Armed Forces has a shortage of Officers, Sailors, Airmen and Soldiers across the three wings of the Armed Forces i.e., the Navy, the Air Force and the Army. The report tells us that the combined number of vacant places is over 65,000 distributed in the following ways.

shortage pic

Wondering what is the difference between an Officer and its counterpart for the 3 parts of armed Forces?

An officer is a key influencer and a planner who has the responsibility of leading the enlisted airmen/soldiers/sailors in all situations.

This massive shortage has alarmed the Indian government as well and they are trying their best to spread awareness among the people about the benefits of joining the Armed Forces through television advertisements and social media campaigning.

Why this Shortage?

A question each of us must ask ourselves is, why is there a shortage in a field which offers such high prestige and honour along with giving a thrilling experience instead of a monotonous life for the person?

The primary reason why the youth today prefers working at a corporate is due to financial reasons. The corporates offer a bulky paycheck which drives in more and more applicants each day. The materialistic lifestyle has started to overtake the desire to serve one’s country and that is a big danger our country faces. Medicine, engineering and law, the 3 major noble pursuits in today’s world are all available in the Indian Armed Forces as well, but people prefer working for private organizations. This has also happened because of lack of awareness.

People today are not aware of what monetary benefits the Armed Forces hold for them. Most people applying to the Armed Forces come from a similar background and therefore have the knowledge to do so. 

Why to Join the Armed Forces?

To those wondering and hunting for reasons to apply to the Armed Forces, the following are the reasons to pursue this amazing profession:

  1. In a very uncertain economy, having a services job is a boon for because of the fantastic job security it offers. There are no pay cuts and only increments throughout our life. No currency rate or fall in economy will result in depreciation of your paycheck.
  2. The facilities like schooling to children, medical facilities to dependents, Canteen facilities, loan facilities etc are always present to help your family while you are fighting for your motherland.
  3. You will always have a thrilling and adrenaline-rushing job and no two days will ever be the same for you.
  4. On retirement you will get a pension throughout your life. Even after retirement with your experience and knowledge base the Officers of the Armed Forces are the most sought after commodity for leadership roles in big companies.
  5. The armed forces send Officers with diplomatic visas to foreign countries as Defense Attaches in the Embassy as a peace posting.  The Navy also sends Officers to colleges like Royal War College, London, US Marine Staff College each year.

Therefore, we at UdChalo encourage the youth of our country to believe in the value of service and the responsibility of the people around them and fighting for their Motherland!


2 thoughts on “Kadam Kadam Badhaeja

  1. Is that all?
    Little knowledge is dangerous and biased writing is cardinal sin. Sitting behind the comfort of your fancy and adrenaline rushing thoughts, defense services looks very adventurous and patriotic. The truth is, “Joining Armed Forces” is a decision taken once by one member of the family and the same person never let anyone else in his family to take that plunge.
    Walk in to the crammed and dirty houses of men working under so called “influencer & planner” may change your mind for ever.


    1. The blog was the opinion of the writer who has seen that a majority of people applying for the armed forces are the ones who know the most about it.

      The officers have a role of being a leader and hence they are the influencer and planners and their lifestyle has nothing to do with their position.


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