Doobta Jahaz

Our country’s pledge has a line that says, “India is my country; I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.”

History has always been an integral part of India and culture and heritage are things that have put our country on the world map. Lakhs of tourists flock to India each year to see not just the beauty of our monuments, but also the beauty in the hearts of our people. They often fall in love with the traditions and customs and are astonished to see how we have spent the last 7 decades preserving the things closest to us, our roots.

Today, we talk about something that has been part of the history of our Navy. The INS Viraat, the longest serving aircraft carrier of India. The aircraft carrier has recently been in news as it was decommissioned and its future lies in peril. 

Recent talks have proposed that the aircraft carrier be turned into a museum that will contain the prestige and legacy of our Navy along with making it an underwater memorial and artificial reef.

The worrying point however is the other school of thought. If the project of making the aircraft carrier does not get taken up by the respective authorities, we will have lost the ship forever. Yes you heard it right; the ship would be sold off as scrap.


Why should it be preserved?

One reason why the INS Viraat should be preserved is the financial aspect it holds. The memorial will not only bring in tourism and funding which would be very beneficial to the government but would create employment as well. But, the main reason why we, as citizens of this country, should ask for the ship to be preserved is the heritage it holds and due to the power it holds of educating the future of our country. People of most age groups know about the Taj Mahal and the story behind it because such a wonderful monument is present in front of their eyes. If a mammoth structure, which is more than 350 years old, be preserved to enlighten the future generations about the history and feelings like love and passion, then why a 60 year old ship can’t be preserved to maintain something that will teach the youth about the courage and honor of the warriors of our country? 

Somebody once said, “It is extremely important to know your roots. If you don’t know where you have come from, how will you know where you are headed?” We need to ensure that our roots are firmly embedded in the ground and the future generations of this country know what a great country they live in. The past always inspires people to do well. It helps them realize what were the greats made out of and how they managed to become great leaders and front-runners.

How can you help the cause?

If you firmly believe in the ideology of culture and the importance of heritage, you can definitely take action towards helping INS Viraat remain a legacy. A website called ‘’ has a petition that requests the Government of India to convert the aircraft carrier into a museum.

The petition has already received over 21,000 signatures in 3 weeks and can be signed by anyone online using the following link:

Let us come together and become only the third country in the world after the United States of America and the United Kingdom to have a museum of this kind which will also be the second largest underwater museum and artificial reef in the world.

We at UdChalo believe that history and heritage hold utmost importance to the country and leave the fate of this legendary ship into the wisdom and hands of the citizens and government of the country.

Jai Hind! 


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