Happy Hindustan

Happiness: Something easy to experience but tough to describe. The word ‘happy’ can be defined as the state of mind of a person after a favourable outcome. Wondering why are we talking about happiness?


On the 20 th of March, i.e. International Day of Happiness, the Sustainable Developments Solutions Network of the United Nations released a list called ‘World Happiness Report’ which ranks 155 countries in the order of how ‘happy’ they are from the happiest to the unhappiest. India received the rank of 122.

How was this ‘Happiness’ measured?

Happiness can be a difficult thing to measure as it is something you experience. Financial status of a person can be closely linked to his/her contentment and thus a country’s Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was a factor for countries in the list. The other major factors taken into consideration were ‘Generosity’, ‘A Healthy Life Expectancy’, ‘Perceived Freedom to make Life Choices’ and ‘Freedom from Corruption.’ It also focused on happiness at workplace as an individual spends a big fraction of his/her life working.

How you affected it?

We often undermine our ability to individually make an impact in the world but each and every one of us is responsible for our country’s ranking in the mentioned list. Think about each instance where you felt like you weren’t doing something you really want to do with your life or the time where you lost your temper and fought with a stranger on the road over something that could have been solved without any mental distress. Every time you decided to choose work over spending time bonding with your family or friends. These actions have aggregated in harming our country’s reputation.

How can we change this?

Feel like changing yourself or this ranking we’ve been given? Guess what? You have a whole year to make a difference in your lifestyle and make all the difference in the world. Let’s see how we can bring about a change at home, workplace and the entire nation.

We at UdChalo have come up with a unique 4-point formula to help build our country one smile at a time:

1. Generosity: The first step in making any society better is giving to those who have less, not just in a materialistic way but passionately as well. Donate toys to an orphanage, but go to one and spend time with the children there. That is the difference between charity and generosity.

2. Be Good to Others: Ensure that you are always polite and courteous to other human beings irrespective of whether you know them or not. We certainly do need to bring the words ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘You’re Welcome’ back into fashion.

3. Social Foundations: Social foundations are something our country prides itself on. Let’s show the world once and for all how we Indians use the heritage, culture and values we are known for to live in harmony and unity. We need to be there for each other not just physically but emotionally too. Remember, as soon as you offer someone a hug, you will receive a hug without asking for it.

4. Life-Choices and Work-Life Balance: All of us need to work hard in our lives to achieve financial stability and respect in society. However, let’s not do this at the expense of losing our family and friends or worse, ourselves. That is equivalent of winning the battle but losing the war. We do not have to get into situations in which we have killed the artist or the liberal inside us to achieve means to sustain life. People have encouraged us to better academically and at work. Now is the time to motivate ourselves to do better at life.

So we at UdChalo request you to be expressive, smile, support others and be proud of what you have become as a person not what you have achieved professionally.

Jai Hind!


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