Sabse Uncha Hindustan


Most of us already know that the tallest building in the world is the mammoth Burj Khalifa in Dubai and a lot of us have already dreamt of touching the clouds and going to there one day.

Talking about heights, have you ever wondered what would it be like to look up in the sky and salute the Indian National Flag?

We have your curiosity, don’t we? The tallest flag of India was recently inaugurated at the India-Pakistan Attari Border.

The flag mast has been set up at a distance of just 150 meters from the border. The gargantuan flag stands at 110 meters in length. To vividly describe this number for you, in comparison, the Big Ben of London is 96 meters and the Leaning Tower of Pisa is just 56 meters in height.

Punjab’s Minister of Medical Education and Research, Mr. Anil Joshi inaugurated the country’s largest tricolor on the tallest flag post on the 5th of March, 2017.The colossal flag post, measures 110 meters in length, 24 meters in width and weighs 55 tons.Planned and built by the Amritsar Improvement Trust Authority of the Punjab Government, the structure cost an approximate Rs 3.50 crore.

talllest flag 2

The new flag post got an immediate positive response after being installed at the Tourist Reception Center of Wagah border, as it became an attraction for the thousands of tourists who had gotten there to watch the amazing Beating Retreat Ceremony in the wee hours of the evening.

The previous plan was to hoist this historic tricolor on the 26th of January but technical reasons caused the event to be delayed. Better late than never it seems, as this huge flag was watched from the other side of the border with profound curiosity too! The flag is said to be tall enough to be visible from the city of Lahore in Pakistan as well.

Previously, the record for the highest flag of India was held by the 91 meter tall tricolor in the city of Ranchi which was hoisted for the first time on 23rd of January 2013.  The Ranchi flag was famously knows as the tricolor taller than the Qutub Minar.

Or countrymen sure seem to be in a hurry to break our own records! It is only befitting that the highest tricolor of the country should be at the nation’s most renowned border, Wagah.

How great an evening would it be, to go to the picturesque border, see the fantastic Beating Retreat Ceremony and be privileged enough to look up into the soaring orange sky and honor our Motherland and realize how it has literally developed leaps and bounds and reached its peak!

Singing the rhythmic patriotic songs and roaring cries about our Incredible India with thousands of people; who said patriotism can’t be fun? Just thinking about the whole experience give goose bumps and the body shivers with excitement!


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