Ammo Of A Soldier

A lot of us have had the thought of giving back to our country in one or the other way. We always wonder how we can work towards the prosperity of our nation and support those who have sacrificed their lives for us. Let us read ahead and find out how we can support our warriors with the mindset of each drop contributing to the formation of an enormous ocean.

There are two major funds for the Indian Armed Forces in India presently. They are the National Defence Fund (NDF) and the Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties.

The National Defence Fund was set up in 1962 to take charge of voluntary donations in cash and kind received for the warriors that have sacrificed their lives fighting for us at the border. The fund is used for the welfare of the members of the Armed Forces (including Para Military Forces) and their dependents. The fund is entirely dependent on voluntary contributions from the public and does not get any budgetary support.

The Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties on the other hand was started in 2016 due to the country receiving a huge shock by losing 10 brave soldiers in the Siachen region. This fund is also completely independent of any budgetary laws and functions on voluntary donations only. The money received is used in the welfare of the dependents of those martyred in line of duty.

Often, when we hear about any fund or charitable organization, we always have a hint of doubt whether it is functioning honestly or not. We also think about the cause on which the fund or organization has been established and then consider donating money. However, as far as the above mentioned funds are concerned, both of them are operated by the Government of India along with the Reserve Bank of India and are for a cause that requires immediate attention.

We need to learn about how our money is channelized towards the welfare of our society and only used for benefit of humanity.

The Lok Sabha is trying to pass a bill that will have a maximum limit for the budget of a wedding i.e., Rs.5 lakhs and 10% of any amount spent above that has to be used for the marriage of poor girls.

This is where the real question arises; should our government tax the citizens to contribute to a good cause or should they keep all donations only on voluntary bases?

Should we as citizens of this country do our part and give back to the people who protect us and help us in our daily lives? It is all about one’s perspective for giving back to the community and the emotional connection one feels towards the social order.

On one hand, the government could tax its citizens and assure that the fund has a constant cash flow and on the other hand it can solely trust the citizens and their generous donations.

Donating to any fund or organization should not be about people how welfare is done or being politically correct or even because it is mandatory to do so. Donating to a charitable fund should be about being generous and being concerned and responsible for the people around you who have laid their lives without blinking their eyes twice.

It is not the amount that matters; it is the thought behind it. Therefore, whatever cause is a person donates towards, it should be straight from the heart not from the pocket.

We at UdChalo applaud the contributors who have helped in collecting over Rs. 1000 crores in the mentioned funds on aggregate and believe in uplifting the prosperity of India by giving to the place we grew up in.

“Generosity consists not the sum given, But the manner in which it is bestowed.” – Mahatma Gandhi


One thought on “Ammo Of A Soldier

  1. Nice initiative and a thought provoking article. Indeed a noble cause which needs to be spread about. Didn’t knew earlier about these funds. Keep writing n inspiring the citizens…


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