The Surya’s Namaskar to India

American author Roman Payne once said, “Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” The gorgeous orangey-red glow of our Sun is often underestimated as it is an everyday event. We have long forgotten the beauty of Mother Nature while focusing on creating more man-made wonders each day.

If you have ever seen the spellbinding view of the sun rising, you already know how wonderful and refreshing it looks. It can put a smile on your face for the entire day and give you amazing energy to get through your busy day.

Japan, known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ (even depicted on their national flag), is actually not the country where the Sun rises first. The sun rises first in New Zealand. However, an important question is where does the Sun first rise in our very own country? In a country that is such vast geographically and that spreads like a bed sheet over the Earth, what lucky area gets to see the Sunrise while the rest of the country is snoring in darkness?

If your guess is that the place is somewhere in the North-East region, you’re not wrong. However, that’s like saying Mumbai is somewhere in Maharashtra.

Without further ado, the answer is a small town with the name of Dong present in the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh first witnesses the sunrise in India.


It was in the year 1999, that Dong was revealed as the Eastern-most place in India and that it is this village that sees the Sun before anyone else.

However, if you want to see this beautiful sight and earn your bragging rights, you need to climb a mountain via a trek of 8 kilometers. Tourists and locals have been trekking the mountains to see the sunrise from behind ever since its exposure. Talk about a natural tourist attraction, eh?

dong village assam 1

Dong is situated at a moderately high altitude of 1,240 metres above sea-level. It is situated at the convergence of the rivers Lohit (a tributary of the Brahmaputra), and Sati, and is tactically crammed between our neighbours China and Myanmar.

Wondering how early you will have to wake up to ensure you don’t miss this fascinating site? Don’t worry; we have got your back! The sun usually rises at around 5.54 a.m. in Dong.

Since the sun rises so early, it even says its goodbyes a tad earlier than we usually see. The Sun sets at 4.30 p.m. during the winter season, almost an hour before other places in the country observe the same.

dong village assam 2

Getting the travel vibes? The time span from April to June is considered the best time to travel this region as the temperature is around a cool 20 degrees Celsius. Without the presence of rains or extreme cold climates, your early morning trek will be pleasant and worth the beautiful view.

Finally, have a reason to wake up early morning?

So, calling all enthusiastic travellers and everyone else to add this place to their go-to list and be proud of seeing such a sight!




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