Hum Honge Kamiyaab

Hum Honge Kamiyaab!

Thomas Edison apparently once said, “Tomorrow Is My Exam But I Don’t Care Because A Single Sheet Of Paper Can’t Decide My Future.”

This is a way too radical of an opinion about examinations because as much as students hate giving exams, it is the only way to push students to study. Exams are important as they instill a certain amount of discipline in students. The debate whether they test the student’s memory or knowledge entirely depends on how the student has prepared for the exam.

Recently, a video has been circulating social media. The video portrays a group of 14 to 16 year olds writing letters to their parents about stress during exams. The video shows these teens writing their heart out to their parents because they cannot tell their parents the same things face to face.

What are heartbreaking are the comments to the video. One comment reads, “I’m a 14 year old Indian girl and I feel that someone is showing my biography with me .But if I tell all these things to my parents, they’ll scold and beat me for that .So the better option is to keep mum .Because there is no other option for it. I never go to play or move out of my home. Just study and study all the time. Just to score good marks in my school and be the topper .My parents too are demotivating and don’t support me in participating in co-curricular and other activities. My life has become a hell.”

This blog post will not waste the precious time of students talking about the Indian education system as that discussion will not be fruitful towards preparation for your next exam but will help you and all parents and teachers reading this mould their child’s future. We urge parents and teachers to be motivating and asking the child the right questions like ‘why aren’t you able to study?’ or ‘what is going wrong?’ instead of ‘when are you going to study?’.

We need to remember that the man shouting war-cries isn’t always a soldier but helps the army fight with their whole strength!

We at UdChalo believe that every student is equally capable of doing extremely well in academics and want to offer lessons from the armed forces that can be followed by the students to excel in their lives.


In the National Defence Academy, young officers in training are encouraged to choose from a whole host of activities like sailing, boxing, polo, astronomy, music and many others. The point is to turn them into well rounded individuals with a wide range of interests and hobbies.

Research has shown how pursuing a hobby can help a child become better at academics. The hobby can also help you find what you actually want to do in life. Always remember:  The world loses a great author, poet, archaeologist, dancer, actor, photographer or a musician dies every time a non-passionate engineer, doctor, lawyer etc. is born.

Lesson 2: The determination to achieve your goals

One thing that truly makes our soldiers stand apart is their ability to achieve their goals, even fighting against incredible odds. This spirit was displayed a hundred times over in the Kargil War, when despite being at a disadvantageous elevation, the Indian Army retook peak after peak from the intruders. Always ensure you keep your goals realistically high and work towards it will complete dedication and hard work.

Lesson 3: To always have a positive attitude.

The men who protect our borders have this knack of being really hard to de-motivate. They tend to see the best in the worst situations. Even when the chips are down, they never leave a chance to celebrate. Never think about a previous exam or check a paper after leaving the examination hall. Always maintain faith in your heart and a smile on   your face. The reason why board exams are hyped so much isn’t because a person’s future rides on it. Most of the institutes don’t even consider board marks as criteria for admission nowadays. Board exams have been hyped by students, parents, teachers and everyone around because they’ve made the exam bigger than the student appearing for it. If you give any exam out of fear, the exam will crack you down not the other way round.

So all young ladies and gentlemen who are appearing for any exam, always believe in yourselves and ensure that you walk into the examination hall with your chin and chest held up high and write the exam to shape a better future for yourself.

All the very best of luck from UdChalo!

Jai Hind!

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