The Olive Green Family

In the not-so- friendly world around us, we often think what would be the chances of a family member coming home safely.However, a certain section of our society has that paranoia day in day out. Yes you have guessed it right; it is the services background. In a video posted by ‘The Quint’, we see how Mrs. Shivani Vats, a war widow, keeps alive the spirit of her late husband Major Navneet Vats along with her daughter Inayat.

The most beautiful aspect of this video is the passion and confidence through which she narrates the story of her marriage. She felt honored not scared that she was marrying into the army and this is the kind of courage each and every one of us should display. Being supportive towards a loved one is not as easy as it sounds or looks like. The way she talks about how proud she was when she was married to a man who was part of the esteemed Gorkha Rifles of the Indian Army. The manner in which she tells us about the brilliant culture of the Gorkha Rifles makes us feel how we should too be proud to be citizens of a country that has such boundless heritage attached in its armed forces. She proceeds to tell us how she still believes that any member of the Gorkha Rifles is like a brother to her and this vividly describes the line in our Pledge that says ,“All Indians are my brothers and sisters.”

In the video, we also understand how people who have family members working in a different place; people who have family members that don’t come home daily due to work commitments, usually tend to be closer to each other as the distance increases the strength of the bond between them. With people from each sector of the world unable to successfully manage their time and be with their family, the lesson to be learnt is that there are a few who don’t have the ‘privilege’ to see their family for weeks, months or even years.

We usually tend to remember God when things aren’t exactly ruling in our favour. In the midst of all the prayers, we often forget to have faith in the person we are praying for. A crucial lesson that we all can learn here is that just like the family of a soldier has faith that their warrior will come back home, we too need to have faith in each other to make the right decisions and act as a pillar of support for each other. Towards the end of the video, we learn about how the death of her husband made Mrs. Shivani Vats realize that there are people around her who will be like family to her and will be a shoulder of support and a helping hand in every way possible. We must always remember that we are surely unique, but never alone. In a world of 700 crore people, it is slightly difficult to be alone.

When somebody passes away, he or she is just going to a better place. That person is not gone forever but is just a little further away that he or she was before. They’re always in our hearts, minds and memories. It is not just our duty as citizens to help each other but also a step towards making our world more human and compassionate. This is the same duty that Mrs. Vats has taken on her shoulders as she now teaches little ones and the future soldiers of our nation in Army Public School, Chandimandir.

She along with her daughter Inayat, request the general public to not have sympathy but have empathy and wish that the society can be motivating and encouraging for families who face similar situations.

We at udChalo believe it is our duty to serve those who have laid their lives down for our country and salute the huge pillars of support our warriors have in the form of their families.

Jai Hind!


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