A Corporate Guy And His Epiphany

I woke up at 8 Am.  Almost made it to punch my card at the office at 9. Breakfast, some coding, lunch,few smokes in between and a meeting with my boss about the deadline of my project.  Heavy traffic on the way back home and a date which turned out to be a complete chaos.  I have had a tough day. Now I need a beer which will make me sleep by 2 am so that I wake up in time for tomorrow, which will be pretty much the same.

How often we are cribbing about issues which are so ephemeral and trivial. That pain we feel when we are rejected by an Auto Driver. And work pressure which makes us long for that lovely weekend, every week. And if in case that is taken away from the project leader who makes me work on those two precious days then I am the most miserable person on the planet.  Otherwise my life is cool. I stay in the best area of the city and have visited almost every club around. But somehow I still spend an hour on my mobile before my eyes are shut at night.

This is a life of a common man working in a software industry that dreams of a better hike next march, shares one or two patriotic posts on Facebook, does not vote and hopes for a better economic outlook of the country.

But in his self-centered life he forgets one thing, that someone is sitting on the glaciers at a temperature of -30 degree Celsius, completely isolated from humans, 18 hours  a day so that a corporate person like him can have the life he aspires.

The Viral Fever, powered by hero has come up with a new video to showcase the difference between a soldier’s life and a corporate life. The video starts with a simple one liner “Tribute to our real heroes. Our soldiers” and has been viewed over a million times on Youtube.

The video shows how ManoharVirani, a man from the corporate world visits an army post and talks to Ram Patil, who is a soldier in the Indian Army.

The video points out some stereotypes in our thought process.  Our minds are so dramatized by Bollywood that every time we think of a communication with a soldier, we think of soldiers singing ‘Sandeseaatehai’ from the movie “Border”

The video also tries to show how work culture in the Army is different from that of the corporate world. Soldiers are trained to be motivated to do anything for the country without any patriotic songs being played at the background like they show in movies or be patiently looking through the gun at enemy’s movements even when their “boss” is not around.

It also shows how they are trained to be mentally and physically strong. An instance when soldiers are calm while  there is a ceasefire violation and  Manohar is so terrified by the noise of bombings that he controls his pee for almost entire day. That is being compared to how a tough life we have outside when we don’t find an Auto while going to the office.

The video ends with pictures of our real heroes on the battlefield and with the text #Hero Salutes

How often we are busy in our own life that we forget how  are we breathing this free air. How often we read news in the newspapers middle page that a soldier was martyred and neglect as if it is the most common thing that has ever happened. Remember that soldier has given his life so that you live peacefully.

We at udChalo appreciate TVF for this great video and thank our soldiers for their sacrifices


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