8 outcomes of FAUJI parenting

  1. Being truly secular

There are different places of worship all within the same vicinity, and you visit these places without any bondage of a religion. You celebrate all festivals and treat all cultures, beliefs and religions with the same respect.


  1. New meaning to long distance relationships

Your serving  father/mother  has to stay away usually for long periods of time in places with poor internet or mobile connectivity. And you constantly fear for their well-being but continue with your daily routine. You have seen your parents being strong for you even when one of them is in a high tension area. That is the kind of love we aspire for.


  1. Traveler at heart

You have travelled to beautiful undiscovered  locations which Hipster travelers today only aspire to visit, all thanks to your Fauji parents postings. And even after you grow up you remain a traveler at heart.


  1. Champion at packing

Your mothers plants, crystal crockery, car, dog everything is on the list to be loaded into a truck and sent of all the way from Jammu to Dimapur. So by the time you are packing for college you are already a pro.


  1. Outstanding storyteller

You grow up hearing great stories from your parents about “when I was posted in Siachen or the time when we were rescuing during the Assam floods” etc. You become a great story-teller yourself fascinating people with your adventurous childhood stories growing up as a Fauji Kid.


  1. Being great at parties

While a lot of people start partying when they go to college you have been doing it every week since you were a child. Even in the most obscure locations you will have Tambola nights and lots of parties (some your parents have to drag you to). So by the time you grow up you are a natural at being an ace at parties.


  1. Adjusting in new environments

From shifting houses, schools to towns you have done it all. Sigh…..The heart break of your best friends dad getting posted out. But shifting to a new class in the middle of a semester is never easy unless you have mom and dad helping you copy notes.


     8. A sports person for life

You have the opportunity to learn a lot of sports like horse riding ,golf, swimming etc and have big open areas for your adventures. The obstacle course near your house is where you go to play every evening. 


Please share your experiences in the comments below and tell us about your experiences of fauji parenthood. We are sure there must be many many more.


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