9 Celebrities Who Are In Armed Forces to motivate youth toward the armed forces.

Indian armed forces have stepped to a new way to motivate youth to participate in the armed forces.

On one side, print and digital media are playing an important role in igniting nationality in youth and on the other hand, some celebrities have joined armed forces in order to motivate youth toward the armed forces.

If we see the Data, sports have been closer to the army than any other profession. Many celebrities belong to a military family, but those who have joined armed forces belong to sports.

1). Abhinav Bindra


Another name that got popular with M.S Dhoni in 2011 for induction in Territorial Army was Ace shooter Abhinav Bindra. He is also awarded the rank of Lieutenant colonel in the Indian army.

As Dhoni was given a place in parachute regiment, Bindra joined a TA battalion of Sikh regiment. Abhinav Bindra, the champion in the 10m rifle shot and recently won a gold medal in shooting in commonwealth games 2014 held in Glasgow.

2). Kapil Dev


In 2008, Kapil Dev’s name was surfaced in the media for his entrance into Territorial Army. The cricket expert was also raised as an icon of the army. He was also awarded the rank of lieutenant colonel by the army.

During the time of his appointment, the Additional director general of TA called him the brand ambassador of TA and stated that he is expecting a hike in youth’s interest in the army after Kapil Dev’s joining.

3). Mahendra Singh Dhoni


The cricket icon of India and the captain cool, has got the place in Indian army. Territorial Army has given the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel to M. S. Dhoni.

He got this rank in the parachute regiment of the Indian army. In the middle of this year, he got into the media for his two-week training for para-regiment in Agra, UP.

As per the sources, he had contacted the paramilitary authorities for his initial trading. Reports also revealed that he has gone through 5 para jumps after two weeks of training.

4). Sachin Tendulkar


Master blaster, the god of cricket has been a part of Indian Air Force making Indian armed forces closer to the youth of the nation.

Sachin Tendulkar joins Indian Air Force with the rank of group captain. He became the first sportsperson to confer honorary and first person without an aviation background to receive this honour.

The batsman has become the face of Indian Air Force of youth. Recently he was seen attending a 83rd Air Force day celebration in Hindon.

5). Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair


This south Indian actor, is the first and the only actor who received the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel in the Territorial Army of India. He received this rank in 2009. He has also reported for his initial training.

He had gone through post commissioning, training at 122 infantry battalions of the Territorial Army in Kanpur in 2010.

6). Sachin Pilot

Sachin-Pilot-in- territorial -Army-Uniform.jpg

Commissioned as a lieutenant in Territorial Army, Sachin Pilot became the first union minister to get this rank.

He was commissioned in TA battalion of Sikh regiment in 2012. The M.P. from Ajmer, Rajasthan cleared preliminary interview board and got recommended from SSB Bangalore. His father was a pilot in Indian Air Force and grandfather was NCO in army.

Apart for these, some army persons are also there who became celebrities during their service.



7). Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore 


Lieutenant Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore won a silver medal in double trap event in Athens Olympics in 2004 and became a star in India.

He is the first sportsperson to win individual silver for India since 1900.

8). Vijay Kumar


He is the Indian shooter who came to limelight while he was serving in the army. Subedar Major Vijay Kumar grabbed the silver medal in 25mtr rapid fire pistol event in the summer Olympics 2012.

He is currently serving and still getting trained to excel his shooting skills.


9). Milkha Singh


The Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh, who had joined Indian army and later this sprinter made India proud on international forums.

The movie “Bhaag Milka Bhaag” which was based on the book “The Race of My Life” (authored by Milkha Singh and his daughter) has flashed the clear life of Milkha Singh.

He was commissioned to JCO from Sepoy taking his achievement of Asian games 1958 into confederation.


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