10 Most famous Army Public Schools (APS) in India

1).  APS Dhaula Kuan (DK), New Delhi


The Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi is the flagship school among all the APSs in the country. The Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi has been awarded with the highest academic excellence among all the Army public schools in the country.

This school has given many war hero (Vikram batra , Anuj nayyar) and superstars (Anushka sharma, Priyanka Chopra).

The students and alumni of the school are referred to as “Tapsites”.

2). Army Public School Nehru Road (LAPS), Lucknow


One of the famous APS in India sprawling over 20 acres of land, dotted with Ashokas and Gulmohars, Army Public School, Nehru Road, Lucknow or LAPS as we fondly call it, originated from the lap of an Army School which was established in 1981.

Nawabs are produced here. Also the 9 kilometer sign of Principal is very famous.

3). Army Public School, Dagshai


Army Public School is a boarding school located in Dagshai, India. It lies on top of the Dagshai Hills. The school is ranked 6th among top boarding schools in India. The Army Public School, Dagshai, occupies an estate covering 40 acres of the Dagshai hills, at an altitude of some 2100 metres above sea level.

It is a member of the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC).

4). Army Public School , Pune


Army Public School is a school in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Its main entrance is located on Vishwamitra Marg in Pune Cantonment near the Southern Command Signal Regiment and Pune Race course.

The school publishes a monthly newsletter, “Creativity.com”,  which highlights all school activities and a yearly magazine compiled by its editorial board, “Images”.

Their mission is  “Students are trained to aim for the best as per their potential”.

5). Army Public School, Bangalore


This school started with just one section of class VIth with 12 boys and 01 girl in the year 1981 under the Awwa scheme. Today it boasts of being one of the best educational institutions in the country nurturing and molding the young minds and talents.The school believes in awakening the young mind to think “who they are and where they are going”.

They have their own Mobile App by name of UOLO to improve parent teacher communication.

6). Army Public School, Narangi


Discipline, principle and punctuality are the fundamentals of their education.This school is famous for its rules and regulations plus Fines are imposed on students violating school rules. The environment and location of school is very beautiful.

School Magazine “TRIVENI” is published annually showcasing the myriad of school activities throughout the academic session.

7). Army Public School, Shankar Vihar, Delhi


Army Public School, Shankar Vihar is a school in Delhi Cantonment, Shankar Vihar, Delhi. It is a branch of the AWES-controlled Indian Army Public Schools.

The school holds an Annual Competitive Event  “Expessions”. Through Expressions, many schools in Delhi come together to compete in categories including Graffiti Painting, Web Crawling, Folk Singing, Best Out of Waste and Band Competitions.

8). Army Public School, Jaipur


APS Jaipur is a very special place. Their inclusive ethos and commitment to the highest standard in Education has made it one of the most desirable APS in India.

Their motto is ‘We Accept Challenges” and work conscientiously and diligently towards accomplishing it. Spreading over 10 acre this school is famous for their Discipline and Academic Results.

9). Army Public School, Chandimandir


The school provides an excellent infrastructure and inspiring ambience conducive to academic thinking. Their vision is  “Quality Education at Affordable Cost”.

The school is situated in picturesque surroundings on the top of a hillock in Sector-D and is housed in neat and clean buildings. It is spread in an area of 12 acres with build up area of 21000 sq. mtrs.

10). Army Public School, Delhi Cantt


Army Public School, Delhi Cantt is situated in the salubrious, serene ambience in the heart of Delhi Cantt. This school creates an aura of its own. The foundation of the school lies in the motto ‘TRUTH IS GOD’.

The school also has facility for open school where slow learners and the differently abled are taught by a special facilitator .



42 thoughts on “10 Most famous Army Public Schools (APS) in India

  1. Happy to see Laps name . I was there for 9 years.it was also school of excellence for quite some time.the students and teachers are one of the best. My signature looked like 9km.still remembered. I.k.mathur

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is because of teacher like you who work every day to make APS; a great place to study.

      Thank you for your service to the APS and Nation. Jai Hind!


  2. I have studied in Army Public School Bangalore. (Army High School as it was known before). One of the best things that happened to me and to all the BRATs that study/studied there. And with the current principal, it won’t be long before APS Bangalore climbs a few notches up in this listing.

    Just for trivia .. Anuska Sharma also studied in APS Bangalore and so did Dino Morea.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have studied in APS, DELHI CANTT from 5th standard to 12th
    Luved it completely 😍😍
    & happy that i m still associated with it even now..


  4. I studied at Army Public School Narangi from 2007 to 2009 … Proud to be an alumnus of this reputed school of North East India …. Had tremendous memories of mine associated wid dis school ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Sudeep,

      We understand your concern very well. In fact, APS Mhow was at 11th in our list due to its heritage status. APS Mhow was a British hospital and building known as BMH-1 considered to be the oldest APS buliding in India.
      Also, we at udChalo doesn’t support smoking publically 😛



  5. I went to APS DHAULAKUAN AND LAPS. Proud see both of them in this list. And priyanka and anushka are not tapsites. But Lt. Anuj Nayyar, Chetan Bhagat, Neha Dhupiya, Ranvijay, Aman Verma and many more have evolved out of thus great institution. Also this school has a long history. Wish that being shared sometime.


  6. Leader initiator innovator achiever etc…all these words r nt required when u say u r an
    Army School allumini
    Born n brought up in army schools, spent 2 yrs in aps pune, 3 in bhopal n 7 yrs in aps delhi cantt doing every other stuff by deffault with all those panga in n out of school


  7. Surprised that APS Noida hasn’t made it to the list given its ex principal and its popularity and the girls hostel. I’ve been to two of the 10 on the list and I clearly didn’t expect them to make it when APSN didn’t.
    Is “popularity” a product of how cool the school seems to others? Or is their some logical backing in terms of the systems there? (Am not doubting all schools on the list, just curious to some aspects)


  8. I think APS Jorhat is better than APS Narangi as it reached the national level quiz competition two consecutive years and came 4th and 3rd respectively among 135 army schools. Thus it must be included in this list.

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    1. Hi Arhanaa,

      Thank you for writing to us. We have not ranked Army Public Schools instead we just mentioned the famous ones. Ranking can only be done by authorized organisations & we believe that APS Jorhat will make among top 10 in that.

      @udchalo social team


  9. Very happy to be a part of aps narangi from class 3 to 6 .also very proud that I was the house captain , prefect and monitor in that school


  10. Proud to be in aps Bangalore….one of the best platform for us to discover our selves and know our hidden talents…it is my luck that being a civilian I got the opportunity to study in an army school ..which is all because of our faithful principal…


  11. There are 133+ army public school’s in India. May be some more are worth mentioning. It’s located all over the country and I am sure that you can find a school under AWES in some corners that is a great place but lacks the usual limelight.


  12. Aps dk is the best as i have studied there , it’s awsm school with awsm principal and teachers, my days in aps were one of my best day’s.


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