The Guiding Entity


The Ravana in me who occasionally wakes up

We may worship Ram and condemn Ravana but the two are not separate entities.

They inhabit a single body and form a single soul.

It is difficult and not so good to let the Ram within you guide through your journey of life

It is immature and not so wise to let the Ravana within you enlighten your journey of life

So, who should be the one mentoring you?

The answer is “Karma”

It is that sole god and entity which defines your path

When the Ram in you becomes too “Ramiiisshh”

Tell it that sooner or later, it might be rewarded for all the “Ramiiisshh” things it does

But prohibit it from losing someone dear while doing good


When the Ravana in you becomes too “Ravaniisshh”

Gently caress it and tell that it does not need to do anything

It does not need to kidnap someone,

No need to get its own Lanka burnt,

Sit back and trust

“Karma is a bitch”

And it’s a ferocious one

More than any dog or bitch existing in the world

So, dear friends, it is human to have both the entities within you

But they should not and never be your guide in this expedition

By Sneha S


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