8 ways Age of Empire game depicts Indo-Pak relation

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it” – D. Kimbro.

AOE, an addiction given to us guiltless humans by Microsoft teaches the most important life skill, to handle stress.  With more than 15 downs during engineering days, AOE helped me stay calm. Better time management, striking enemy at the right time and place are the other important lessons taught by AOE. In the wake of recent Indo- Pak fracas, AOE may again be beneficial in explaining the plot.  

8 Points similar between Indo- Pak relation and AOE

1. Broadly, India and Pakistan are like Persians and Vikings respectively.  If you know what I mean :P.


2. Pak is still living in Feudal Age whereas India has researched for Imperial at its town center.


3. Pakistan acts as an enemy which regularly send its army (militia) from dark age and after defeat realises that their army size was more than their civil population.


4. Pak uses Petards (suicide bombers) which consume more resources than damaging other resources.


5. Pak is an ally who pings all the time for resources and help. Quite Frustrating errrr !!!


6. Pak is a player who never invests in University and wonders why despite having a large army he looses the game.


7. The timorous Pak prefers archers over Paladins.


8. Pak is quite a pro in blame game. Post-game, blaming its ally for not helping at the right time resulting in their loss is an inevitable rant.


Here is the picture which depicts overall border situation:

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 8.44.51 pm.png

-Ravi Kumar,


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