No arms, No legs, No worries!!!


“So, do you think you’re the only one facing all the troubles in life?

“No arms, No legs, No worries”– Nick Vujicic.

That is the mantra of a person with no arms and legs, Nick Vujicic. Yes, you read it right! He was born with a rare disorder, phocomelia due to which he has no arms and legs. Now close your eyes and try to imagine yourself even half an hour without limbs!

At his birth, his parents were devastated. However, soon they realized that despite their son had no limbs, he was extremely strong.

In school, others made fun of his disorder and he developed serious inferiority complex. It was then that he introspected himself and embarked on the journey to self discovery.

And that was the beginning  of making of a marvel!!

Nick completed his studies and got engrossed in number of sports. He plays golf. He swims. He does surfing and a number of such activities which we can’t even imagine doing.

He is a motivational speaker and an avid traveller. He has travelled more than twenty four countries, given speeches to over two million people on four different continents. He inspires people to forget their pain, to hope and to dream!

by Sree M

One thought on “No arms, No legs, No worries!!!

  1. yes, it’s truly inspiring reading about nick. people are so much busy into their sorrows that they are missing some beautiful things they are blessed with. What an irony.


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