Compulsory Identity Card for some of the bookings?


“change is inevitable”

We have made it mandatory to send any of the below-mentioned defence ID cards via email or WhatsApp (9172-15-6622) for certain flights

  1. Canteen Smart Card
  2. ECHS Health Card
  3. Dependent Card
  4. DSOI or RSI Club Card
  5. ID issued by ZSB/District Soldier Board

Many people have raised concern over this new feature, hence I decided to write this article to answer their queries.

Why udChalo asks for ID card online unlike other online travel agents?

We are the only online travel agency with exclusive air ticket deals for defence forces. Deals are so lucrative that sometimes people from outside defense fraternity try to cheat the system. Recently, we have identified many instances where people used their relative’s service number to book the flight. This is a misuse of a system made for Faujis and their dependents. People who actually deserve to get benefit end up buying highly priced ticket.
On Sept 8th, we finally decided to add double layer verification at udChalo platform for some of the flights. This was done to make sure only legitimate customers get concessional air ticket.

  • ID Cards are mandatory for only some of the bookings.
  • Visiting & checking fare online at our website does not require your identity card but your service number.

But I prefer to show my I-card at the airport.

We understand your concern but there is a benefit associated with this new process:

  1. In many cases, travellers forget to carry their defence ID card which leads to boarding denial and entire amount incurred towards ticket go in vain. This new system pre-check your ID card and you can travel care free.

How can you guarantee the safety of our ID card?

This is one of the concerns raised by serving personnel only;

  1. We have clearly mentioned that one needs to submit only above-mentioned defence ID card which doesn’t include actual defence ID card. Sharing your Canteen card cannot be a security threat. Let me explain you how
    If you read carefully at the back side of canteen card, it has been mentioned clearly that
    I hope you get my point here. This card is like any other identity card viz your college ID card which is only meant to gain entry into CSD canteens.
  2. The entire team of udChalo comes from defence background and we understand the importance of security related matter more than any other online travel agency in India. So your asset is in safe hands.
  3. We delete your identity proof from our system once you complete your journey.
  4. Lastly, our website is 128 bit encrypted and secure, so entire details of each customer are as safe as houses.
  5. We are setting up our own counters inside military establishment to solve this issue permanently. As of now, we have 3 operational sales points at:*ASC Center, Bangalore
    *Selection Center South, Bangalore
    *Selection Center Central, Bhopal
  6. If you want us to open sales point inside your cantonment, please invite us, we would be happy to hire ex-servicemen and bear entire set-up cost to provide you concessional air tickets at your doorstep.

Jai Hind
Ravi Kumar


9 thoughts on “Compulsory Identity Card for some of the bookings?

  1. Would like to know whether ECHS Card is valid as ID proof for check-in process at Airport when we buy air tickets under defence quota, please clarify, will be grateful to you. Regards


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