Wani – The biggest celebrity !!

APTOPIX India Kashmir Protest

I truly sympathise the people of Pakistan today to have namby-pamby leadership. For them, 132 slain children of APS Peshawar do not qualify enough to remember as martyrs as Pakistan claimed Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani to be. To mark a so called Black day on 19 July in solidarity for Wani not only proves hypocrisy of Pakistan on terrorism on international forum but also strengthen their military strategy of “Good Terrorist & Bad terrorist” which eventually undermines their policy on operation Zarb -e- Azb which for common people for Pakistan, is an operation by Pakistan Armed forces on militant groups like Tehrik-a- Taliban and Haqqani network in North Waziristan.

It is a very known fact that since 9/11 attacks , United States has been funding Pakistan with a tremendous amount of military and civil aid . As huge as 11 billion USD assistance has been provided in the past 10 years to Pakistan in the name of aid for overpowering terrorism in the state. We have seen repetitive moves and trials of passing amendments through House of representatives for banning this financial aid to Pakistan on various occasions. Pakistan is in an immense desperate condition to forge the conduit of money coming from US. Encouraging the Kashmir issue at this point in time on any international platform not only divert the attention from failing Zarb-e-Azab but also from the investigation of Pathankot & Mumbai attacks which Pakistan is making in perfunctory efforts.

We have problems prevailing in Kashmir and every Indian is feeling it. But taking a broad brush and claiming that every Kashmiri has a problem with Govt of India is a bit too harsh. If that was the scenario, 30000 Kashmiris would not have appeared for J & K light infantry recruitment. Kashmiri youth is actually asking for employment. If you ask a common Kashmiri, he or she doesn’t bother what Govt of India or for that matter Govt of Pakistan is thinking of them. What they bother about is three meals a day. Education and employment are the only solutions.It is a bit unfortunate that separatists and anti-national elements in our country also know that.Before anyone would take another Bruhan Wani instead of Faisal Shah ( 2009 IAS topper) as their role model, we must act.

Jai Hind!!

Submitted by Anil Chahar


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