India’s Afzal moment


Lately, we heard this name very prominently. No wonder, we are the only one to be blamed to amplify this chapter which on logically front should not be given any limelight.

Mohammad Afzal Guru, the prime convict in 2001 Indian Parliament attack orchestrated by terrorist outfit Jaish -e – mohammad had been  given death penalty by the Supreme court of India, and this did not happen fortnight, the case had taken its due course of time. This attack not only sparked a fire between India & Pakistan but eventually results into the largest mobilization of Indian & Pakistan troops across all the western front. People accepting the logic that Afzal Guru was a hero is actually questioning the Supreme court of India and blaming its Judges his murderer. This logic is itself questionable because the terrorist whom they are patronizing did not think a blink when he inflicted havoc to the innocent people of India.

Recent incidents favoring terrorists in the valley and comparing them to our revolutionary freedom fighters like Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat singh is a sheer shame. What primarily have forgotten in this context is the core message. Our freedom fighters had the immense respect for the nation and their people. The terrorists killed in the valley recently neither respect the nation nor its people. Their primary agenda is to terrorize. We should introspect and understand that these incidents must be controlled else the situation could be catastrophic. It would not be a surprise if the condition today looks analogous to Operation Gibraltar of 1965.

We must analyze and accept that the condition today is an apocalypse in disguise.


By Anil Chahar.
Anil is working as Head Design & Engg. for a mechanical firm based in Pune. He did his Bachelors from Army Institute of Technology in 2009. Anil can be reached via Linkedin. You can also submit your thoughts with us at



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