What do you think is the % of women in the Indian Armed Forces?

There has been a lot of recent debate about the position of women in workplace and companies are trying their best to ensure equality in offices. But let us step out of the offices and see what the scenario is as far as our Armed Forces are concerned.

Total Number of women recruited in the Indian Armed Forces:

Indian-armed-forces-women-officers number

If you are wondering what to make of the above given numbers, let us see how those numbers add up.

The total of the above number comes up to a little over 3578. The strength of the Indian Armed Forces is almost 13 lakh personnel which means women constitute less than 0.25% of the Indian Armed Forces.

What is more startling is that the number of women being annually recruited in the armed forces is not steadily growing.

Year-wise breakdown of women being recruited in the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces in the last five years:

women armed forces year wise

Educating women and encouraging them to work has always been a ‘work in progress’ in India and to boot them to work in the Armed Forces is an increasingly tough task.  More and more women are standing up to this gender bias by taking up professions nobody would have ‘expected’ them to.

Recent releases ‘Naam Shabana’ and ‘Poorna’ which are stories of young women wanting to put India at the top using their respective talents and determination.

There are real life examples as well. With Justice Indira Bannerjee being appointed as the Chief Justice of Madras High Court, we now have four high courts with women chief justices for the first time in Indian history; the other being the high courts of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Kerala too has a high court with four women judges for the first time in the state’s history. India definitely seems to be on the right track to ensure shoulder to shoulder marching in top positions of the judiciary.

We as citizens of this country must ensure that if not encourage, we must at least educate the women around us about careers in the Services sector and not just push them towards the very conventional career options.

We must empower all women from a young age because they too have the right to serve their country to the best of their abilities even on a battlefield previously dominated by men.

We need to work towards being a nation that not just respects women but pushes them towards greatness and prosperity.

We have already started that walk in various other sectors and now it’s time to do it for the Armed Forces as well.

New Change Being Brought

There is hope from the authority as well.

Previously, women were not allowed in position of combat in the Army and the Navy. However, the Indian Armed Forces has revised Short Service Commission (SSC) scheme to induct women into the fighter stream on an experimental basis for a period of five years.

The first batch of three women officers were commissioned into the fighter stream on June 18, 2016.

We at UdChalo are proud of this initiative taken by the Government and believe that it is required to promote gender equality in a country that is known to its citizens as their MOTHERLAND.

Jai hind!


Kadam Kadam Badhaeja

India is a nation with a population of over a 127 crore people. You might have heard about or even experienced the high level of competition in any employment sector and the fierce competition for each vacant job. However, there is one particular field which actually has a shortage of people and wants more and more people to apply for it. Horrifyingly, this field is the part of the Services known as the Indian Armed Forces.

The reason this fact should terrify you is because threats are advancing along with the world in terms of technologies and it is alarming that the number of people we have to defend our country is decreasing. According to a document released by the Press Information Bureau of the Government of India on the 31st of March, 2017, the Indian Armed Forces has a shortage of Officers, Sailors, Airmen and Soldiers across the three wings of the Armed Forces i.e., the Navy, the Air Force and the Army. The report tells us that the combined number of vacant places is over 65,000 distributed in the following ways.

shortage pic

Wondering what is the difference between an Officer and its counterpart for the 3 parts of armed Forces?

An officer is a key influencer and a planner who has the responsibility of leading the enlisted airmen/soldiers/sailors in all situations.

This massive shortage has alarmed the Indian government as well and they are trying their best to spread awareness among the people about the benefits of joining the Armed Forces through television advertisements and social media campaigning.

Why this Shortage?

A question each of us must ask ourselves is, why is there a shortage in a field which offers such high prestige and honour along with giving a thrilling experience instead of a monotonous life for the person?

The primary reason why the youth today prefers working at a corporate is due to financial reasons. The corporates offer a bulky paycheck which drives in more and more applicants each day. The materialistic lifestyle has started to overtake the desire to serve one’s country and that is a big danger our country faces. Medicine, engineering and law, the 3 major noble pursuits in today’s world are all available in the Indian Armed Forces as well, but people prefer working for private organizations. This has also happened because of lack of awareness.

People today are not aware of what monetary benefits the Armed Forces hold for them. Most people applying to the Armed Forces come from a similar background and therefore have the knowledge to do so. 

Why to Join the Armed Forces?

To those wondering and hunting for reasons to apply to the Armed Forces, the following are the reasons to pursue this amazing profession:

  1. In a very uncertain economy, having a services job is a boon for because of the fantastic job security it offers. There are no pay cuts and only increments throughout our life. No currency rate or fall in economy will result in depreciation of your paycheck.
  2. The facilities like schooling to children, medical facilities to dependents, Canteen facilities, loan facilities etc are always present to help your family while you are fighting for your motherland.
  3. You will always have a thrilling and adrenaline-rushing job and no two days will ever be the same for you.
  4. On retirement you will get a pension throughout your life. Even after retirement with your experience and knowledge base the Officers of the Armed Forces are the most sought after commodity for leadership roles in big companies.
  5. The armed forces send Officers with diplomatic visas to foreign countries as Defense Attaches in the Embassy as a peace posting.  The Navy also sends Officers to colleges like Royal War College, London, US Marine Staff College each year.

Therefore, we at UdChalo encourage the youth of our country to believe in the value of service and the responsibility of the people around them and fighting for their Motherland!

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal!

If you were to be asked which was the sport gaining popularity in India in recent times, your answer would most definitely be football. Although an upcoming sport, football had made a huge mark in the North East part of India in the 1980s. A proof for this still stands tall today in the form of the Salt Lake Stadium or Yuva Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The stadium has recently been in news as it was announced as the venue for the final of the prestigious Under-17 FIFA World Cup which is being hosted by our country this year.

It is a multipurpose stadium located in BidhannagarKolkata, with a huge capacity of 85,000 people. It is the largest stadium in India by capacity. 

An unbelievable fact, prior to its renovation in 2011, it was the second largest football stadium in the world and before the construction and opening of the Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea in 1989, it was the largest football stadium in the world, seating about 1,20,000 people! That is larger than any of the renowned football stadiums in countries England, Spain or Germany you have ever dreamt of going to!

salt lake stadium 1

The concrete benches in the galleries are being replaced with bucket seats to upgrade the stadium for the World Cup. The flip side of comfort is that the capacity of the stadium would drop drastically from 1,10,000 to 84,000, which means Yuva Bharati Krirangan would lose pride of place among the largest stadiums in the world in terms of seating.

The stadium’s highest recorded attendance was in 1997 when 1,31,781 spectators watched the Federation Cup Semifinal between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.

Feel your chest getting pumped up and chin trying to reach the sky?

That’s not all. Legendary footballers like Diego Maradona, Oliver Kahn and Lionel Messi have also graced this pitch on their visits to India!


The Salt Lake Stadium has been home to some of the best sporting events in the history of our country and this is the reason why our government is working so very hard in making it a cream of the cake stadium for the upcoming Under-17 World Cup.


The mammoth stadium other than its size and history can become popular a tourist attraction due to the youth being fond of football as much as cricket and wanting to visit this ‘Home of Indian Football.’ It is a strong belief amongst Indians that football can gain a really strong foothold in the country’s roots due to teenagers choosing an exhilarating fast-paced quick game of 90 minutes over a 4 hour long cricket match.


From qualifying for the 1950 FIFA World Cup (from which we were disqualified because the players could not buy football boots due to financial reasons and played barefoot), to constructing such a state-of-the-art football stadium, we surely have come a long way in developing the sport in India.

With Grass being imported all the way from the United States, construction of new gates and wider roads and the provision of a helipad, the Salt Lake stadium is in the middle of a Rs 52-crore makeover for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup that it will co-host with five other venues next year. India’s largest amphitheatre of sport aims to be ready for its biggest event at least 11 months before the September 2017 kick-off

Hurry! Add a visit to India’s very own Wembley stadium to your bucket list right now!

We at UdChalo wish all the crew members the very best to prepare this beautiful stadium that shall cast a spell on every viewer and make it a dream of every person to go and visit it!

Jai Hind!

Doobta Jahaz

Our country’s pledge has a line that says, “India is my country; I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.”

History has always been an integral part of India and culture and heritage are things that have put our country on the world map. Lakhs of tourists flock to India each year to see not just the beauty of our monuments, but also the beauty in the hearts of our people. They often fall in love with the traditions and customs and are astonished to see how we have spent the last 7 decades preserving the things closest to us, our roots.

Today, we talk about something that has been part of the history of our Navy. The INS Viraat, the longest serving aircraft carrier of India. The aircraft carrier has recently been in news as it was decommissioned and its future lies in peril. 

Recent talks have proposed that the aircraft carrier be turned into a museum that will contain the prestige and legacy of our Navy along with making it an underwater memorial and artificial reef.

The worrying point however is the other school of thought. If the project of making the aircraft carrier does not get taken up by the respective authorities, we will have lost the ship forever. Yes you heard it right; the ship would be sold off as scrap.


Why should it be preserved?

One reason why the INS Viraat should be preserved is the financial aspect it holds. The memorial will not only bring in tourism and funding which would be very beneficial to the government but would create employment as well. But, the main reason why we, as citizens of this country, should ask for the ship to be preserved is the heritage it holds and due to the power it holds of educating the future of our country. People of most age groups know about the Taj Mahal and the story behind it because such a wonderful monument is present in front of their eyes. If a mammoth structure, which is more than 350 years old, be preserved to enlighten the future generations about the history and feelings like love and passion, then why a 60 year old ship can’t be preserved to maintain something that will teach the youth about the courage and honor of the warriors of our country? 

Somebody once said, “It is extremely important to know your roots. If you don’t know where you have come from, how will you know where you are headed?” We need to ensure that our roots are firmly embedded in the ground and the future generations of this country know what a great country they live in. The past always inspires people to do well. It helps them realize what were the greats made out of and how they managed to become great leaders and front-runners.

How can you help the cause?

If you firmly believe in the ideology of culture and the importance of heritage, you can definitely take action towards helping INS Viraat remain a legacy. A website called ‘Change.org’ has a petition that requests the Government of India to convert the aircraft carrier into a museum.

The petition has already received over 21,000 signatures in 3 weeks and can be signed by anyone online using the following link:


Let us come together and become only the third country in the world after the United States of America and the United Kingdom to have a museum of this kind which will also be the second largest underwater museum and artificial reef in the world.

We at UdChalo believe that history and heritage hold utmost importance to the country and leave the fate of this legendary ship into the wisdom and hands of the citizens and government of the country.

Jai Hind! 

Happy Hindustan

Happiness: Something easy to experience but tough to describe. The word ‘happy’ can be defined as the state of mind of a person after a favourable outcome. Wondering why are we talking about happiness?


On the 20 th of March, i.e. International Day of Happiness, the Sustainable Developments Solutions Network of the United Nations released a list called ‘World Happiness Report’ which ranks 155 countries in the order of how ‘happy’ they are from the happiest to the unhappiest. India received the rank of 122.

How was this ‘Happiness’ measured?

Happiness can be a difficult thing to measure as it is something you experience. Financial status of a person can be closely linked to his/her contentment and thus a country’s Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was a factor for countries in the list. The other major factors taken into consideration were ‘Generosity’, ‘A Healthy Life Expectancy’, ‘Perceived Freedom to make Life Choices’ and ‘Freedom from Corruption.’ It also focused on happiness at workplace as an individual spends a big fraction of his/her life working.

How you affected it?

We often undermine our ability to individually make an impact in the world but each and every one of us is responsible for our country’s ranking in the mentioned list. Think about each instance where you felt like you weren’t doing something you really want to do with your life or the time where you lost your temper and fought with a stranger on the road over something that could have been solved without any mental distress. Every time you decided to choose work over spending time bonding with your family or friends. These actions have aggregated in harming our country’s reputation.

How can we change this?

Feel like changing yourself or this ranking we’ve been given? Guess what? You have a whole year to make a difference in your lifestyle and make all the difference in the world. Let’s see how we can bring about a change at home, workplace and the entire nation.

We at UdChalo have come up with a unique 4-point formula to help build our country one smile at a time:

1. Generosity: The first step in making any society better is giving to those who have less, not just in a materialistic way but passionately as well. Donate toys to an orphanage, but go to one and spend time with the children there. That is the difference between charity and generosity.

2. Be Good to Others: Ensure that you are always polite and courteous to other human beings irrespective of whether you know them or not. We certainly do need to bring the words ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘You’re Welcome’ back into fashion.

3. Social Foundations: Social foundations are something our country prides itself on. Let’s show the world once and for all how we Indians use the heritage, culture and values we are known for to live in harmony and unity. We need to be there for each other not just physically but emotionally too. Remember, as soon as you offer someone a hug, you will receive a hug without asking for it.

4. Life-Choices and Work-Life Balance: All of us need to work hard in our lives to achieve financial stability and respect in society. However, let’s not do this at the expense of losing our family and friends or worse, ourselves. That is equivalent of winning the battle but losing the war. We do not have to get into situations in which we have killed the artist or the liberal inside us to achieve means to sustain life. People have encouraged us to better academically and at work. Now is the time to motivate ourselves to do better at life.

So we at UdChalo request you to be expressive, smile, support others and be proud of what you have become as a person not what you have achieved professionally.

Jai Hind!

Mere Desh ki Dharti

How many times have you seen pictures of a friend or family member vacationing, or a movie in which the characters have the chance to explore the mountains of Leh or walk the beaches of Goa without a worry line on their forehead? Every one of us has always dreamt of going to foreign countries and looking at the Burj Khalifa or the Swiss Alps. But have you ever wondered what it is like to take a trip to somewhere within this dreamland called India?

We, at UdChalo believe that the beauty of our own country often goes unnoticed due to the foreign fantasies of people and would like to change that opinion.

Here presenting to you are the reasons why travelling within India for a vacation can be a more relaxing and beneficial experience than going to a foreign land.

One of the most famous Seven Wonders of the World, is the Taj Mahal present in Agra. It is a great piece of heritage and has over 70 lakh people visiting it each year! A reminder to the foreign fanatics, our very own Taj Mahal beat various monuments like the Eiffel Tower of Paris and the Statue of Liberty of New York to claim the title of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This symbol of love and romance is renowned all over the world for its beauty and history.taj-mahal

A very major problem travelling abroad can be the hassle of passports and visas required for entry into various countries. Long hours at the airport for check-ins and 10 hour long flights can be a mood-killer for a happy trip. Instead, you could just hop on to a flight to Delhi to visit the mesmerizing Red Fort and Qutub Minar or go to Srinagar and visit the beautiful Dal Lake or even go to the spellbinding North East part of the country without the headache of arranging special permits and giving interviews to prove that you are a tourist!

leh ladakh

gateway of India

Another heartbreak that we face while travelling abroad is the currency exchange rates. We end up paying huge amounts to not just travel and stay in those countries but find it very difficult to have a joyful experience due to the cost of the activities offered. However, you can avoid any of this pocket drain if you’re travelling in a place where you can judge the cost of something without having to use a calculator every time you take out your wallet.

As long as money is concerned, don’t you think it is wiser to spend money in a place where it helps your country maintain its heritage and monuments then improving the conditions of foreign monuments? You will not only help fund and build tourism of your own country, but will also help more and more Indians realize why they should choose to tour their own country before any other.


Touring a place doesn’t just mean admiring its beauty and clicking pictures; there’s a part of our heart that is as curious as a baby to find out the history leading to the fame of the particular place or monument. Knowing about your country will not only give you immense pride but you will also be able to relate to the culture and history of the monument in a much better way than trying to comprehend the pronunciation of the name of a European king.

Finally, the last but the most important difference between a foreign country and our own: FOOD. We may be thinking of trying fancy cuisines and attempting to use chopsticks but we all know that home is where the heart is. A major problem faced by us, especially vegetarians is that the quality of food available abroad is not the most comfortable meal we can have and we can enjoy food that we have been brought up loving if we are sightseeing in our own country itself!

A very intriguing question to be asked here is that why do millions of foreigners come to our country each year and visit these beautiful places? Is there something they see that we do not? Or is it simply the fact that we do not appreciate what’s closest to us?

A shikara (boat) on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir State, India.

Let us take pride in the magnificence of our country and help build its heritage one monument at a time!

Jai Hind!


Dal! Salaami De!

Have you ever felt nostalgic thinking of the good old school day when you sincerely attended the flag hoisting ceremony on the Republic and Independence Days? A salute is a way to express respect and pride for the country’s flag. But that’s not all.

We will also read about the significance of the recent debate that has been going around the country on the subject of ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism.’ What is patriotism and how can we, as citizens of India not be radical towards our display of our love towards the country and be patriotic in a heartfelt way.

If you have ever had the privilege of witnessing the Republic Day parade or even seeing it on the television you must’ve noticed the well co-ordinated and smart marching of our Armed Forces. One little detail that must not have caught your eye is the way in which they salute our national flag. The Army, Navy and Air Force have different ways in which they have to salute! Let us see how the 3 salutes differ from each other and why is the salute in an altered manner.

  1. Indian Army

The Army’s salute is conducted with the palms open, facing the person being saluted to show that they are not carrying any weapons and that they can trust them.

army salute

  1. Indian Navy

In the olden days, since the sailors were always working on their ships, their hands would get greasy and dirty. Hence they started saluting with their palms facing down, so as to not disrespect their seniors by showing them shabby hands.

navy salute

  1. Indian Air Force

The Air Force salutes with their palms at 45 degrees to the ground showing progress towards the skies. Earlier it used to be like the Army’s salute with the palm facing up.

air force salute

These salutes are an expression of respect and love for the country. Our combatants use these salutes to express their pride for the country and its national flag. If you are an avid follower of the news, you must have heard the word ‘patriotism’ very frequently in the recent times. People find faults with the way others display their patriotism towards the country.

So what is patriotism? Is it when a person talks about how much he/she loves India or is it waking up two mornings a year and saluting the national flag? Maybe, it’s neither. Maybe patriotism is simply taking action, big or small, to help make your country a better place thereby respecting it and its citizens.

However, the meaning of the word ‘patriotism’ has been changed and twisted according to one’s own needs. For example, according to a recent law passed by the Government, playing and standing up for the National Anthem is mandatory before a movie show begins. A lot of cases have also come up where people got into major trouble for not adhering to the rule too.

The movie ‘Dangal’, that won a lot of hearts and awards, had a scene in which the character of ‘Geeta Phogat’ wins a gold medal and the Indian national anthem is played as it is in real life events to signify which country has stood first in the event. This scene caused havoc in not just theatres but social media as well. People were confused whether they had to stand for the anthem or not. Unfortunately, this not just took something away from the movie but also exposed the fear in people’s minds. Fear of getting beaten up if they were seen not standing for the anthem.

People shouldn’t stand for the national anthem because of a rule or because of fear; they should do so to justify the love and respect they have for their nation.

The reality of patriotism is that people consider waking up early and saluting the flag for 2 days a year patriotism. Yet, patriotism is much easier than people consider it to be. Just picking up a wrapper from the road irrespective of whether it was yours or not is patriotism too. It shows how you want your country to be clean and are taking some action for it. You might even inspire somebody to do the same if seen! Patriotism is not just what you feel for the country; it is also what actions you take to justify that feeling!

We at UdChalo applaud the people who take actions, no matter its size or intensity, to make our country progress one step at a time because that’s what makes our nation Incredible India!